Each member is granted access to the Hush Dinner Club member’s website that shows the upcoming events happening in the DC Market. Members can also purchase tickets to any of our seated dinner events or happy hours with availability in any city in which we operate. With a single membership you can purchase event tickets for both yourself and a non-member guest for the evening. Tickets for individual events are purchased separately.

*A 10% Membership Discount will be given to all diners with current memberships to any other dinner clubs with an annual fee in the DC area for their first year of membership with Hush Dinner Club. Send us an email with proof of membership to:

After Membership Purchase

When you purchase a membership, you'll receive a confirmation from Hush Dinner Club as well as a receipt for your payment via email. Once a member, you can view all upcoming events and update your member profile


We take good care of the staff and chefs. We set up Hush Dinner Club events so that there is no cash/card exchange at the events themselves, as we like our guests and members to focus on the amazing food and company.

Refund Policy

Up to 5 days prior to an event, tickets may be credited towards a future event purchase. Membership dues are non-refundable.

Adult Beverages at Events

Yes, each of our events (unless otherwise noted) will include beer and wine offerings, along with a specialty cocktail or two for the evening. We will also offer drink pairings for various courses during some of our events.

Event Reservation Confirmations

You'll receive two emails after making a reservation - one to confirm your payment and one to confirm the details of the dinner. If you're having trouble finding these emails, try to check your spam folder and if it's still not showing up, shoot an email to